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Here you can learn how to clean your computer from unwanted files and programs, and backup your files.
Why do I need to clean my Mac?

Some applications maintain leftovers even after you completely uninstall the software. Leftovers may include regular files, system files or registry entries.

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Backup your Files

You should regularly backup your system files and maintain backups of important files.

If you don’t backup and maintain several copies, any problem reading these files may compromise your Mac OS and may require a complete re-install.

Keep at least one copy in a different physical location.

How to Backup?

The easiest way is to buy an external USB drive. When you connect the drive to the USB port you will see a new drive letter where you can copy your files.

Another simple way to backup is to copy important files to a MobileMe iDisk, or via iWork.com for documents of iWork ’09.