Clean Your Mac Computer

A Macintosh (or Mac) computer is very much like a house. The user can spend a large percentage of their waking life using it and over time it can collect a number of things that the user might not wish to keep further down the line.

As time passes, users will find that their computer will be full of junk files or unwanted files that remain from earlier work projects, recreational activities or just random files that the user forgets about.

In reality, if a person does not mind possessing a lot of junk they can just let the unwanted stuff clutter their house. However, on a computer, when there is too much junk it can slow it down so maintenance and a general clear out can be deemed essential.

To do this, users can download a tool called ‘Clean My Mac’. This will appear on the desktop screen once purchased. When this software is opened, the user must then go to the bottom left hand corner of this screen and click the green ‘Scan’ button. This will then activate a scanning process that will scan the various folders of the computer.

Once the scan has finished, the ‘Remove’ button becomes valid for users to click in the bottom right hand corner. The user must then click this to remove the unwanted files that the scan has found. When this button is clicked there is a chance that a warning might pop up saying that some files could not be removed. To get around this, simply click on the padlock icon next to the ‘Remove’ button.

There is a menu on the left hand side of this software screen where the user can click various sections such as ‘Language Files’, ‘Applications’, ‘Universal Binaries’ and ‘Development Junk’. The user can also select the preferences to choose the specifications for the scan.