Best Mac Apps

Macintosh (Mac) is a home computer that has become a popular choice for fans of the Apple brand. The computer syncs with the iPhone and iPod to allow users to link all of their systems together so that they enjoy a more cohesive trans-platform experience.

This means users can transfer music and other files from their computer to their iPhone and iPod with ease. Applications have become a major part of the experience and a lot of Mac applications aim to either offer the users something different to play with or allow them to improve their experience.

Here is a list of the best Mac apps.


Steam is a digital distribution and multiplayer platform that was developed by Valve Corporation to reduce the risk of games being pirated and copied when released on PC and Mac. Over the years, Steam has become the platform that more and more computer game developers choose to launch their games on with nearly 1,500 titles now available on Steam. Players can purchase the game at the Steam store and the player can then only activate the game via the Steam application in order to play it. By doing this, the player can only register the game once and the chances of it being copied or pirated are significantly reduced. As more developers use Steam to be released, more Mac users are using it to play their games where they can often purchase games for cheaper but also obtain patches and updates for the games a lot easier.


Dropbox is an online web-based file hosting application that allows users to store data online in a cloud format without having to worry about storing it on the computer files. The cloud format that Dropbox adopts gives users the chance to share and store files with other users online as well as being able to access files using any Mac computer. It was initially released in 2008 but enjoyed its latest instalment in December, 2011.

Google Chrome

Mozilla has long been a firm favourite with PC users across the world after Internet Explorer was given some competition in the web browser market. However, this web browser that was originally released for Microsoft Windows in 2008 is experiencing a surge in popularity and thanks to the app available to Mac it is now crossing platforms to become a more popular choice with PC and Mac owners. It has an easy to navigate system and its WebKit layout engine is making it more accessible to the new generation of users.


Sparrow is an email client for the Mac operating system. It is similar to Gmail and Hotmail in the manner of its function but is deemed to be a lot easier to use and a lot more effective than its rivals. It was only released in February 2011 but is fast becoming one of the most popular email clients for Mac to use. It currently works with Gmail accounts and Google apps and has a lot of funky tools such as “drag and drop” attachments, keyboard shortcuts and threaded replies that all helps the email client experience just feel a lot more cohesive and fluent.


This is a general maintenance app that can improve the general user experience when using a Mac computer. It is a small icon on the desktop that has several options. Users can choose for the Mac to not automatically go to sleep, start screen savers or dim the screen. The great thing about it is that it can be disabled and once you download it that is not the be all and end all. If the user doesn’t like it then they can just not enable it.

These are just 5 of the top Mac applications around that are popular with users. There are literally hundreds of apps for Mac to download. A fair number cost a certain fee to purchase but a lot of the more popular ones are free of charge to download and these can often be the apps that have the largest benefit to the users.