BackUp Files on your Mac

Data protection is imperative these days with so much vital information being kept in a digital form, it is now essential to backup files on the computer and this is just as important for Mac users as it is for users of any computer.

There are different methods to backup data in different parts of the Mac computer with varying methods for different sections such as Safari bookmarks, iCal calendars, Mail accounts and many more. Here is a short guide to these methods and how to use them.

Safari Bookmarks

To back up files linked to Safari Bookmarks, the user must go to the Bookmarks.plist file which can be located in /Library/Safari, right click on the file and select the Option key. The user must then drag the file to another location where they want to store the back up and drop the file in that location. The original file shall remain.

iCal Calendars

In order to backup iCal calendars files, the user must open iCal and select the file menu before choosing Backup Database. The user must then select where they want to save the backup file to and select the relevant location before clicking Save.

Address Book Contacts

This process takes a similar format to iCal Calendars. The user must open up the Address Book and from the file menu select the Back Up Address Book option. The user must then select the chosen place to save the backup file.

Mail Preferences and Accounts

Even Mail accounts can be backed up on Macintosh. This requires a slightly more complex process but it is still possible and for some people it is essential.  It should be noted that this process backs up Mail preferences but not messages such as emails.

The user must create a unique folder name on the desktop, then quit the Mail function. He must then select Home from the Go menu and click on Library and then Preferences. From here, he must copy the file into the unique folder created on the desktop and then close the Preferences folder.

Then he should open the Mail folder and copy the MessageRules.plist and SmartMailBoxes.plist files into the unique folder on the desktop.


This is undoubtedly the simplest method of backing up files on Mac. To backup files in Keychains the user must go to the location of /Library/Keychains. When here, he should move the desired files to another location by Option-dragging them to the desired location.

Backing up files on Mac is a relatively easy process and it could save time and inconvenience in the future. There are so many things that can go wrong with computers be it a human error or a computer problem so it is wise to follow these steps to backup valuable information to avoid any unnecessary heartache and frustration.